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In Saturday's News-Gazette: Shooting scenarios, Neil Street closure, drought and your lawn

In Saturday's newspaper, we'll have stories about how local authorities prepare for shooting events such as the one in Colorado, Neil Street closing for a week, and advice in helping your lawn and garden survive the drought.

In Friday's News-Gazette: Trustees' wrap-up, gun buyback, judge remembered

In Friday's newspaper, we'll wrap up a two-day UI trustees' meeting, look at a gun buy-back program and remember a long-time local judge.

In Thursday's News-Gazette: UI trustees in Chicago, wind farm progress, county fair preview

In Thursday's newspaper, we'll have stories about the UI trustees meeting in Chicago, progress on a wind farm in the area and a preview of the Champaign County Fair.

In Wednesday's News-Gazette: UI contract rejected, expensive primary race, online coupons

In Wednesday's paper, we'll have stories about a rejected UI contract, an expensive primary election race and why not to buy coupons online.

In Tuesday's News-Gazette: Congressional campaign bucks, UI reconsidering bids, hosting a block party

In Tuesday's newspaper, we're planning stories about campaign fundraising, the UI reconsidering bids for an important campus building and how to host a block party.

In Saturday's News-Gazette: Erika Harold, canine dental checkups, local Paralympic athletes

In Saturday's paper, we have an update on Erika Harold, dental checkups for working dogs, and a look at local athletes in the upcoming Paralympic Games.

In Friday's News-Gazette: Penn State reaction, farm bill, Illini football

In Friday's newspaper, we'll be following up on the report that investigated Penn State's role in the Sandusky child abuse scandal, a look at the farm bill that moves to the House floor, and in Sports, we start the countdown to the Illini football opener.

In Thursday's News-Gazette: Police on lookout, Lake Vermilion level, kayaking in E3 magazine

In Thursday's newspaper, we're planning stories about reports of a man bothering children, the water level in Lake Vermilion, and a great summer pursuit — kayaking.

In Wednesday's News-Gazette, fiber optic hook-ups, election fundraising, council vacancy vote

In Wednesday's newspaper, we're planning stories on officials asking for help from citizens in the Big Broadband effort, a vote by the Champaign council to fill a vacancy and congressional candidates' fundraising efforts.

Tuesday's News-Gazette: UI raises, mosquito problems, hot-weather workouts

In Tuesday's newspaper, we'll look at UI plans for raises, sneaky mosquitos and training safely in hot weather.

Despite a bleak budget year, the University of Illinois plans to award merit-based raises to faculty and staff this summer, with more set aside to retain top professors. Julie Wurth has the details.

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