Electrical Outlet (June 2010)

Electrical Outlet (June 2010)

Got a secret to share? Where do you find your electronics deals?

I love bargains.

I have been known to buy something for which I don’t have an immediate use or need, just because the price is really good.

Some people don’t understand that.

What I really love is electronics bargains. I have a few places to share where I often find them, and I hope some of you will share, too.

Hello, front desk?

Not only do you pay for the Internet, but you'll sit at the desk to use it.

Step away from the gadgets...

I'm traveling Saturday.

I'm going to be driving, and then listening to jazz, then hitting the hotel, then driving home.

Packing should be easy. I really won't need any gadgets.

I'll have my phone, which gives me email and the Web. I'll need the charger. But really, that's it.

Looking for suggestions for travel sites you like

I get to have some fun this weekend.

My brother-in-law, Gary Walters, is a professional musician based in Indianapolis. He often tours with Carrie Newcomer; he also is in a jazz ensemble, and teaches piano at Butler. (And he’s a really cool guy.)

When the Droid diode flashes: inconveniently discharged

So I get home for lunch and I notice my brand-new Motorola Droid is flashing a little red diode at me.

It says my battery has only 5 percent charge remaining.

Right on the money: A legacy created by example


I’ve been thinking about my dad a lot lately.

Department of Redundancy Department seeks backup suggestions

I could use a little help. And so could some others, I bet.

I’m already a believer in backing up computer files. My pictures, for instance. I have all my digital image files in at least three different places. All my music, too. (Although I do need to move one external drive out of my house, like to a drawer at work.)

Have your say: Technology and you

Now we know what my mom says is the most significant technological advance in her lifetime: the washing machine.

Dads: What do you really want for Father's Day?

I have observed the births of two human beings, and so I know that it's the mom who does the work, then and much of the time thereafter.

Technological advances? It's all relative

Several times a year, I take my mom to Indianapolis.

We talk about Dad and marvel at the things he did, how hard he worked and what a great guy he was. (There they are in the picture below. Dad died in 2007.) We talk about current events, about politics, about history, books, movies.