Electrical Outlet (July 2010)

Electrical Outlet (July 2010)

Voice of experience: Back up your #%$& computer

Man, what a dope I am.

I have backup software – three different brands, actually – installed on a laptop I use mostly for work. So what happens? The hard drive dies.

When I'm not even doing anything. Ok, I had just installed Google Earth so I could figure out how it works.

Free + recycle = Freecycle

Need a television for the kids’ room?

Is it time for that recliner to go?

Got some cinder blocks that you can’t make yourself throw away? A computer monitor?

Notes on a Droid X

Some initial thoughts about the Droid X:

Putting the Droid X through its paces

This was waiting on my desk on Tuesday, after I took a day off on Monday.

I'll be taking it for a spin for a few days. Anyone have suggestions about what sort of spin to put it through, please drop a note in the comments or to me personally.

But out of the box, you know what? It's big. And all screen.

Photos, from top to bottom:

The story so far...

Here are some things knowledgeable people have pointed out in Electrical Outlets. Every so often, I'll add more links to this page. (And if you have suggestions, feel free to add them in comments.)


Thank goodness it's not real money

Curse you, blackjack game.

You, by MobilityWare, for the iPod Touch. And yes, you,  at genina.com, for the Droid.

Deal me two Kings, and show your own up card as a 3. And then slyly turn over that 8.  Oh, and look! A 10!

A little help, if you please?

It is an old legend that my family is distantly related to Samuel J. Tilden, who won the popular vote but lost in the Electoral College in the presidential election of 1876.

Woot's big box of you know what

I’ve mentioned Woot, a one-item-a-day online sale place that recently was bought by Amazon.

Electronically elementary: Readers and reading material plentiful online

In the summer after I finished college, my older sister bought me a wonderful two-volume collection of Sherlock Holmes – all 56 short stories and the four novels, with critical essays, long annotations attempting to establish actual dates and places from “the canon” and reproductions of the original Sidney Paget drawings of Holmes, Watson and others from the tales.

Woot the heck?

So I was just talking about favorite sites online for shopping, and I mentioned Woot, and boom! Amazon buys 'em.