Electrical Outlet (August 2010)

Electrical Outlet (August 2010)

My favorite things, number 3: Canon S5 IS

Some years ago, I got into shooting black and white film and developing it and making prints myself.

I could go into my darkroom and work on one negative till I got a print just exactly the way I liked it, and suddenly it would be midnight.

Problem is, there were usually 20 frames on that roll of film that weren’t worth anything.

My favorite things, number 4: iPod

If you grew up in the Midwest, you may know the joy of walking up and down endless rows of corn, yanking the tassel out so the plant can have sex with the nice plant next row over.

Yes, I’m simplifying.

Anyway, this isn’t about sex. It’s about music.

These are a few of my favorite things: Number 5

I have a lot of gadgets.

Some would say, perhaps, that I have too many gadgets. I don’t listen to those people. I have just enough gadgets, until I get the next gadget, which I will certainly need, only I didn’t know I needed it until just now when I got it.

Got it?

Should I or shouldn't I?

This is the sort of thing that gets me into trouble.

Free software that's got your back

Every now and then a free product comes along that does a specific task very well.

I have one to recommend. Two, actually. From the same company.

Move over, BlackBerry: Android takes top billing

Reuters reported Wednesday that Google had taken top market position with its Android cell phone operating system, with a third of all smartphones sold in the quarter that ended June 30 running the system.

Final thoughts on the Droid X

I’ve had a Droid X for a little over two weeks now, and while I’ve shared some thoughts already, here is the last I have to say.