Electrical Outlet (January 2011)

Electrical Outlet (January 2011)

Archos 5 Internet tablet rocks

Alison Krauss. Maybe you’ve heard of her? She has this great song, “New Favorite.”

“New favorite: they all say it. I’ll say it too. You’ve got a new favorite.”

This is the Droid I've been looking for

So you can get an iPhone 4.

It will be elegant. It will feel good in your hand. People will look while you use it. They’ll ask how you like it.

It will do almost everything for you. You can talk to someone and find a restaurant at the same time.


Hey, Verizon people, Tim thinks you should get the iPhone 4

Tim Borbely of Urbana is a self-proclaimed Apple fanboy, and not-quite "PowerUser" of all types of consumer electronics. He probably can (but really REALLY doesn't wanna) help you fix / hook up your computer / phone / tv / game system / modem / router.

Eww! Get that song outta here!

So my co-worker Christine des Garennes tells me that something she just typed reminds her of Wang Chung.

I curse to myself because now I know I will have it in my head, just like you do: Everybody, Wang Chung tonight!

iPhone for Verizon: What say you?

Updated 11:40 a.m.

You surely have heard by now: The iPhone 4 is coming to Verizon. Two hundred bucks for the 16-gig version with a new two-year contract.

And Verizon says its existing customers will get first crack at the "reserved quantity" the company has.

And that's the way it was, and we LIKED it

Conversation that just took place in the newsroom.

There goes my spare time

I'll be playing  conducting research with this for a little while.

4G coming to lots more places in 2011

Verizon on Thursday announced a major expansion of its 4G high-speed network. (See Darrell Hoemann's review of the 4G service from the Braggin' Rights game and Texas Bowl.)

Photo editor can't wait for 4G to arrive in C-U

News-Gazette photo editor Darrell Hoemann takes over today to report on a tech device he was able to put to the test recently:

When Verizon announced its new 4G network, I took notice immediately.