Electrical Outlet (August 2011)

Electrical Outlet (August 2011)

Changing my (traveling to campus) ways

I am really lucky, this fall, to have two jobs that I love.

Photos bring history to life

There I was with a perfectly good scanner. It sat idle in a closet until this summer, when I got the chance to use it again for an entirely different purpose.

Taking control of boxfuls of photographs

I like taking photos. I’m not going to pretend I’m any good at it. I’ve just always figured that if I take a lot of pictures, I’ll luck into a good one or two.

Windows or Mac? Easy call for me

One or two people have remarked that I could have avoided a good deal of the setup on my new laptop if I’d only bought a Mac. “It sets itself up,” said one of my friends on Facebook.

Did your friends ever set you up with someone they just knew would be perfect for you? Yeah, that's me and Mac computers.

How to train a new computer, part 2

I'm setting up a new laptop that will be my main computer and offer these tips in case they help someone else. (All of this is for a machine running Windows 7.)

How to train a new computer, part 1

I have a new computer, a laptop. It is going to be my primary computer, a desktop replacement. While I have way too many a few other machines, setting them up has been pretty easy: Install a word processor, a web browser, maybe some movies and tunes, and off I go. I've had the same desktop machine for about five years.