Electrical Outlet (September 2011)

Electrical Outlet (September 2011)

Sourceforge.net to the rescue

One of my co-workers recently got her first smart phone. A reporter for more than 25 years, she had a treasure trove of numbers in her old phone. Getting them transferred to the new phone, a Motorola Droid X2, was not a problem – Champaign Telephone took care of that when the switch was made.

Did someone say golden ticket?

Just stopped off at the Verizon store, and the staff outnumbered the customers. Guess all the chocolate bars are gone.

But on the drive back, I got to thinking on a tangent, as I will sometimes, about the chocolate bars. And Willy Wonka and the original golden tickets.

The new phone is here! The new phone is here!

Look what arrived today. Motorola Droid Bionic.

Waiter, there's a tablet in my candy bar

Remember story problems? I used to love story problems. If Car A leaves Memphis heading north on I-57 at 51 mph and Car B leaves Champaign heading south on I-57 at 54 mph…

… The other drivers will be telling them to get off the road.

Making music the new way: electronic set list

For 25 years now, give or take, I’ve played music on Labor Day weekend with good friends. It’s a party to celebrate the end of summer.

A tale from World War II

I've mentioned that we are producing a book this fall from a special section the newspaper published in 1994 about World War II.