Electrical Outlet (November 2011)

Electrical Outlet (November 2011)

Answers to winter driving quiz

I asked a couple days ago for the answers to some questions based on data from traffic accidents in Champaign County involving snow and/or ice, from 2007 through 2010.

Here are the questions again, along with the answers:

A. How many accidents in snow or sleet have there been in Champaign County? 1,405.

Slipping and sliding toward winter driving

I'm taking a look at state traffic data, specifically at accidents in the past four years when it's either snowing or sleeting.

Care to guess (for 2007-2010):

Concerts I would love to see

A few days ago, I listed some of the great concerts I’ve gotten to see.

To-do list: Change the batteries in the smoke detectors

I love wristwatches. I always have, since I was a kid. My mom makes fun of me when she asks what date it is and I look at my wrist.

Great concerts: What are your favorites?

I was using the lyrics to an old Simon and Garfunkel song in the journalism class I’m teaching this semester, and that got me thinking about a Paul Simon concert at the Assembly Hall in the early 1970s.