Electrical Outlet (December 2011)

Electrical Outlet (December 2011)


This arrived in the mail recently. That's right, in the mail. So it cost, what, at least 40 cents to mail this? And if it's a class action settlement involving eBay, how many of these do you suppose were sent?

Dang, it expires on Thursday. I better get to the bank.

Guest blogger reviews the Kindle Fire

Patrick Wade suggested the iPad in a recent blog post. I suggested an Android tablet.

Five must-have Android apps

If you’ve just gotten a new Android phone, you might be dazzled by all the apps there are for it.

The temptation will be to download lots of apps, especially because there are so many available for free.

Go for it.

Tablet? Put an Android under the tree

Ho ho ho. There you are, at an electronics store or looking online because you want to get someone near and dear to you the perfect gift.

A tablet.

An Android tablet.

You’ve made the right choice.

Choice, when you get down to it, is what an Android device gives you.

Google unveils Currents for magazine-style browsing

I’ve just been trying out Google Currents, which may be an answer to the coolest iPad app I’ve seen, Flipboard.

Bus makes getting to campus easy

I started taking the bus in August from downtown Champaign, where my full-time job is, to the University of Illinois campus, where I get to teach a group of very bright students two days a week.

I’d always driven in previous semesters, and the thought of giving up the control of being in my own car, on my own schedule, bothered me. But this semester I figured I’d give the bus a shot.