Electrical Outlet

Electrical Outlet

Carefree highway: Day 1

Storm clouds can be positively ominous on a two-lane road.

Wind farms are eerie, especially on both sides of the road and in the haze before a summer storm.

Carefree highway

From 'Night Court' to the library, all without going outside

What if I told you that a Facebook post from a college buddy led me to try the Champaign Public Library’s cellphone app?

Weird, but true:

Defunct and Wagnalls

One of my college roommates is teaching in Adu Dhabi. (It’s a long story.) His wife posted some photos he sent of a National Geographic film crew at the school where he works, and said he’s been asked to be in the documentary that’s being made.

I started to type, “Setting my VCR now.”

VCR. Huh.

What's a father to do?

My sons are Cubs fans.

I blame myself. I knew that half the family was made up of devoted Cubs fans (is that phrase from the Department of Redundancy Department?), and I clearly didn’t do enough to counteract that propaganda. I bought Cardinals hats for each of them as soon as they were 

Honey, where's the remote?

Have you ever had one of those real nice Harmony programmable remote controls? The ones that are expensive, but let you push, say, the “watch movie” button so that your TV, DVD player and surround sound all come on at once?

Thriving with my favorite tablet

In many ways, I am not adventurous.

Unlimited data update

The picture is getting clearer about charges for Verizon Wireless data plans. And it looks as though if you already have an unlimited plan, you’re safe – if you don't mind hanging on to that phone.

Bye-bye, unlimited data?

My friend Jon posted a link to this cnet story a little while ago that says Verizon is going to end its unlimited data plans for existing subscribers.

'And I'll never have that recipe again...'

A friend on Facebook posted recently that her husband had never heard of the band Bread.

I graduated from high school in 1972. You better believe I’d heard of Bread. I suspect that if I went back and looked at the yearbooks, I would find prom photos with Bread song titles as the backdrop – although more likely “If” than “Make It with You.”