Electrical Outlet

Electrical Outlet

Is your phone -- or your phone service -- a perfect 10?

This is entirely unscientific. It has no meaning whatsoever. It’s a tiny sample.

But it was fun.

Went out among some cool people on Friday evening in downtown Champaign and started asking four questions:

Starting Friday in Champaign: Bunch of DIVAs selling gadgets and other stuff

 I wonder if I can sneak out of the office for a bit on Friday morning.

There’s a garage sale I’ve heard about, and garage sales speak to me on an elemental level. I often find two of my favorite things: bargains and gadgets.

So far away...

Three little words.

I hear them and my pace quickens, my face flushes, I might get a little jittery at work.

I watched as you came closer. You knew I would, didn’t you?


Once in a while, there is a tease.

See you at the tweetup

There will be a gathering Wednesday evening of people who sure know a lot about gadgets. And how to have fun.

The event is the C-U Tweetup. It’s from 6 to 9 p.m. June 2. We hold them at different places. This one is at Crane Alley, 115 W. Main St., in downtown Urbana.

The slightly misinformed GPS unit

Hope everyone is having a good holiday weekend. I’ve been lucky enough to see my mom, three of my brothers, one of my sisters, several nieces and nephews and my siblings’ spouses. There was a grill going and any number of coolers and even one of those inflatable bounce houses. I got to play some guitar with my older brother and a friend of his.

Dance, magic fingers, dance -- after the drive

I love texting.

It’s quick and quiet. It’s reliable.

All my bags are (mentally) packed

Laser-pointer/pen/flash drive? Yes! Can you fit a camera in there?

I bought my first computer in 1994: a Packard Bell with an Intel 486 chip. I paid extra for 8 MB of RAM rather than the standard 4, and some obscene amount for an extra hard drive, which I found later was “installed” by taping it to the chassis and power supply.