Nebraska Thoughts and Prediction Standings

Nebraska Thoughts and Prediction Standings

I should know better than to get my hopes up…

Blog PhotoWell, now that we’ve all been brought down to Earth, let’s sort this one out.  The poor tackling continues…no need to spend much time dissecting that.  Otherwise, it appears that when the Illini offense isn’t clicking, it will be tough to stay in ballgames.  Sure, there were bright spots in the run game, and we saw more running from Nathan than we have recently.  But in the end, this was a reality check and a reminder of where the Illini sit in the hierarchy of the Big Ten.  It’s not a big enough step backward that your season is derailed, but it now requires you to pull an upset to reach that six win mark.  And before you call me crazy…yes, I still think six wins is possible.  Indiana and Purdue are winnable.  But in the meantime, let’s all take another week off to recharge the batteries.

Coach Beckman talked about the play of a couple of his guys after this one on WDWS…

BTW…let’s hear your best captions to the photo above.  Mine:  “You’re gonna beat us by how much?!”

And just for fun, let’s hear that safety…

Blog PhotoTo the standings…

Twenty of our 36 pickers correctly prognosticated  the victor, with top honors going to illiniearl.  Overall, walker holds on to his/her lead over mbelcher, although the margin is as thin as it can get now.  As special shoutout goes to News-Gazette football beat writer Matt Daniels, who sits in third place.  Although he is not eligible for the end of the season prize.  I also had a good chuckle at some of y’alls synonyms for Nebraksa – corn dogs, Lincoln logs of corn, corn-holers, and cornwhoever.  Creativity like that is always welcome here…as long as it’s PG.

No look ahead to the Illini’s next game due to the bye week.  Instead, the usual end-of-blog nuggets.

  • My coworker Michael Kiser got a real cool opportunity this weekend to ride with the Illini Football equipment truck to Lincoln (see photo below).  He plans to put together a report to air on WDWS and WHMS on Monday.  We’ll also post some content here.
  • Speaking of programming plugs, Brian Moline and I hit the road to call Illini Soccer vs. Indiana on DWS tomorrow at 11.  IU is an improved team from last year, so this one will be closer than it looks on paper.  And by the way - you won't find a media member who knows more about Illini Soccer than Brian.  He blogs frequently on the topic here.


Coming up next Saturday:  Wisconsin predictions

[Beckman photo via @BTNBrentYarina on Twitter]
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illiniearl wrote on October 05, 2013 at 5:10 pm