Welcome to the Ditman pick ‘em era, Year 2

Welcome to the Ditman pick ‘em era, Year 2

Blog PhotoIf you like prognosticating on college football…if you don’t mind a little math…if you want to hear me talk about something other than the November election…and if you smell what the Rock is cookin’ (optional), then you’re in the right place.

That’s right.  It’s time for another round of Illini football picks.  In my day job as a WDWS news reporter, I’m shackled in terms of giving my opinion.  But here, well, coach Zook put it best…

So regardless of how the season turns out, let’s have some fun with this.  For the new kids in the class, here’s how things work:

  • Each week, I’ll post a blog with my thoughts on the Illini’s previous game, some analysis on the team’s upcoming game, and a prediction for that game.
  • I’ll also ask for your predictions (e.g. Illinois 21-10) via blog comment or e-mail (tditman@wdws.com) and keep track of them throughout the season.  The best picker at the end of the season wins a to-be-determined prize.
  • We’ll compile the leaderboard the same way as before:   top criterion is picking record followed by a nifty creation called real score difference total.  This is a way to track how accurately you pick the score.  For example, if you pick Illinois by 10 and the squad wins by 3, your RSDT is 7.  If you pick Illinois to win by 10 and the team loses by 3, your RSDT is 13.
  • General sports discussion is welcome, too, as long as we all keep it clean and respectful.

If you want a feel for how this has worked before, head here.  And if you’re curious about my background but don’t have the courage to swipe right on Tinder, click here.

Speaking of yours truly, I’ll give the same disclaimer that I give when I start each new round of pick ‘em blogs:  I’ve been a follower of Illini sports my entire life, the last seven as a mediaBlog Photo member in Champaign.  So I feel I have at least some qualifications to analyze what’s going on between the lines.  At the same time, I’m not a beat writer or play-by-play man.  So if you’re looking for incredibly in-depth analysis, check out the great stuff put out by my colleagues Matt Daniels, Bob Asmussen, and the selfie king over there Loren Tate.  Here, we’re going to keep things light with plenty of wise cracks and pop culture references.  Because that’s what this “for the fans” blog is intended to be:  a forum for fans to sound off and interact with each other while not losing their minds.

And if you do go to any games this year, don’t make the same mistake Homer did…


P.S. – a shameless plug – this year’s WDWS Illini sports broadcast season kicks off this Sunday as Brian Moline and I bring you Illini soccer vs. Louisville.  Tune in, won’t you?

Coming up next week:  thoughts on the season ahead, the season opener, and your first chance to submit a prediction

[Monheim photo via fightingillini.com, Samardzija photo via Getty Images, Simpsons audio via FOX]


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