From the blog: Flyin' Illini relived

From the blog: Flyin' Illini relived

Editor's note: this blog was first posted in 2015.

With Lou Henson back in the news again for not so good reasons, I thought we could use a positive story related to the 1989 Flyin' Illini.  Here, courtesy of WDWS mixmaster Ed Bond, are some longform audio clips from that magical season.  You'll hear commentary from the dynamic duo of Jim Turpin and Loren Tate.  Find some down time, take a listen, reminisce, and leave a comment with your memories.

LSU - December 22nd

Georgia Tech - January 22nd (This win elevated the Illini to number one in the nation.)

McNeese State - March 16th (NCAA Tournament opener)

Ball State - March 18th

Louisville - March 24th

Syracuse - March 26th (Illini to the Final Four!)

Indiana - March 5th


Reunion game - 6/24/00

In a future blog, I'll post clips from the 2005 Final Four team.


[teaser photo via the News-Gazette]


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