Football pick em post Northwestern edition

Football pick em post Northwestern edition

The highs…

…and lows…

…of college football.

Blog PhotoTis a shame that given the circumstances (bowl bid on the line, new deal for Cubit) that we didn’t see more inspired football today.  The Illini D did a decent job early getting in the NU backfield and forcing the Cats into third and longs.  But at the end of the day, Cubit said it himself…dropped balls continue to be a big bugaboo.

Blog PhotoWell, it’s a moral victory at this point…but my colleague Matt Daniels and myself took top picking honors this game.  Nschne393 comes in last.  Overall, Bob Patterson is our *preliminary* winner.  I’m going to hold off on contacting you, Bob, about your prize is case the Illini get a 5-7 bowl bid.  In that case, we will pick the bowl game, and the folks who are at 9-3 are still in the running to win.  I have made the decision, however, to take a break from the blog during basketball season.  I’m finding myself with less time to devote to the blog and less creative ideas to write about.  You’re always welcome to e-mail me ( to talk sports.

So what’s my take on the future of Illini football?  Well in the short term, I don’t think a 5-7 bowl bid would be a bad thing.  It’s more practices, an experience for the players, and another line on the resume for the coaches.  Long term, I’ll repeat what I’ve said on previous DWS postgame shows – Illinois needs to hit a home run and get a big name for its next football coach if the program ever wants to be relevant in the long term.  Perhaps that wasn’t in the cards now given the interim tag on the chancellor and athletic director.  But something needs to change.

Until next time…thanks much for reading.


[audio via Learfield, screenshot via ESPN]


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touchdown_illinois wrote on November 29, 2015 at 2:11 pm

Thanks again, Tim, for running this. It's been a ton of fun! I hope you'll be back next fall and we can do it again!