UPDATED: From the blog: how to stream Illini sports

UPDATED: From the blog: how to stream Illini sports

New 11/22/16:

Blog PhotoWe've been getting a lot of questions lately about the logistics of our Illini postgame call-in show.  Some of you are calling us right after the final horn ready to give your opinion only to be told that the call-in show hasn't started yet.  Others are tuning in via online stream right after the game expecting to hear the call-in show but instead hear nothing.  Here are some answers.

After the final horn, the content immediately following is the postgame show that is sent out to all of the affiliates on the Fighting Illini Sports Network.  This usually takes around 45 minutes, and we cannot stream it.  When we begin the call-in show, which is carried on just WDWS and WHMS, we turn the stream on. 

So, if you're wanting to call in or are waiting for the stream to turn on, please be patient.  Thanks for listening.



Original blog 8/19/16:

Each year as WDWS gets back into its Illini sports broadcast season, we get several inquiries from listeners about why they hear silence when they try to stream the station on Saturdays.  And each year we give the same reminder - WDWS CANNOT stream Illini sports.  Learfield and the U of I, not WDWS, own the rights to the broadcasts, so they control how the broadcasts are distributed.  Brian Barnhart and company may be WDWS employees, but during games they are Learfield employees.

However, you are not out of luck if you want to listen on a computer or mobile device.  Here are a couple options:

*  Fighting Illini Sports Network on TuneIn.  This site streams the live broadcast feed of games and other UI events, such as the weekly coaches show.  It even streams archived content for your leisure listening. For example, when I pulled the stream up on a Friday morning, I got to listen to this past year's Braggin' Rights game.

*  FightingIllini.com. Certain events are streamed here, some even with the familiar play-by-play voices. Check the "upcoming events" section to see if the game you want to hear will be streamed.

A disclaimer - WDWS does not operate either of the two above sites.  We cannot fix problems if they occur.

Blog PhotoOf course, there's always the traditional alternative of finding a station near you that is carrying the Illini game.  Click here for a list. Even better, keep things in house and follow pregame, in-game, and postgame coverage here on IlliniHQ.com.

Now, to confuse you even more - WDWS, as usual, will stream the locally produced portions of football pregame and postgame shows, including the popular postgame call-in show.  For example, for an 11 a.m. football kickoff, we'll stream  the pregame show from 9:30-10, then go dark until the postgame call-in show begins.

Happy listening!



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jgrout wrote on September 04, 2016 at 9:09 am

This is a clear, cogent summary of the situation in the regular season.

However, during NCAA tournaments, the NCAA pre-empts for-profit entities' streaming rights, which means that Learfield broadcasts are radio only during tournaments _UNLESS_ the NCAA is involved.  For example, Dave Loane's broadcasts have been used as the audio on NCAA-authorized video streams of Illinois WVB first and second round matches.  The link might be on FightingIllini.com, but the audio isn't going through the same hands to the Web as it would in the regular season.

This blanket pre-emption of streaming never made any sense to me for events where the NCAA does not provide (and stream) a national radio broadcast.  For the MBB tournament, they do, and we out of state Illini fans are stuck with it.  For the WVB tournament, the NCAA isn't interested in allowing audio, but at least they have video for most matches.

Learfield does not appear to have the right to stream Illinois bowl game audio either.  Since bowl games all have national radio and TV broadcasts, that rule would make sense.