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For The Fans

From the blog: stylin' Illini (and a bit more) relived

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From the blog: Illini celebs revisited

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From the blog: top celebs with Illini connections

As I write this, I’m watching the intersection of sports and pop culture at the ESPYs – an event that gets a bad rap but is quite enjoyable IMO.  And it got me to thinking of instances of when Illini sports and the celebrity world came crashing together.  I had to stretch, but I came up with a top ten list plus a few more.  Keep in mind these are not just celebs who are U of I al

From the blog: big game winners and losers

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From the blog: Flyin' Illini relived

With Lou Henson back in the news again for not so good reasons, I thought we could use a positive story related to the 1989 Flyin' Illini.  Here, courtesy of WDWS mixmaster Ed Bond, are some longform audio clips from that magical season.  You'll hear co

From the blog: finding out what’s coming up on WDWS

Come July, I will have been on staff at WDWS for four years.  As the years have gone by, the fine folks there have let me contribute more and more to the station’s sports programming.  It is, I believe, one of our biggest strengths, but sometimes I don’t think we do the best job telling that story.  So for your records, here’s a handy

From the blog: little league championship week

It’s a bit odd typing this, but this is my favorite week of the year at WDWS.  Tonight and Wednesday, we’ll bring you live coverage of the semifnals, third place game, and championship game of the C-U Kiwanis Little League Twin City Tournament.  It’s a tradition at WDWS that dates back many years.  Many people ask why we do it. 

From the blog: which Chicago team rules Chambana?

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From the blog: (nearly) 20 years since the Lorchcast

Look, we all make mistakes in our job.  Not too long ago I said “defarted” instead of “departed” during a WDWS newscast.  It happens.  But when it’s seven-plus minute comedy of errors…well, that’s when you make Deadspin my friend.

I’m talking about the Lorchcast.

From the blog: my review of the new Wrigley Field

Recently, I was able to take in my first Cubs game in the “bid video board” era of Wrigley Field.  If you follow the team you know the screen has been a subject of debate – does it ruin the magic of the “old timey” ballpark? Or was it an overdue move to bring Wrigley into the 21st century?

Put me in the latter camp for a couple reasons.