For The Fans

For The Fans

From the blog: posters and logos and tweeters…oh my!

Some miscellaneous fun items as we wait for college football to start…

From the blog: Illini football pick em returns!

OK…enough barbershopping about celebrities or listening to audio of the glory days of Illini hoops.  It’s time once again to fire up the portion of

From the blog: high school football on DWS

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From the blog: DWS sports broadcasts of yesteryear

I'm a lover of all things radio history, so I love finding down time at the DWS radio center to peruse all the vintage artifacts.  Pictures, newspaper clippings, old name it, it's there.  Recently I scoured the archives to find a glimpse in to how the games were broadcast eons ago.

Take a look here.

From the blog: my review of the new Wrigley Field, an addendum

Remember a while back when I gave y'all my review of Wrigley Field in the big video board era?  If you recall, I noted that based on my observations from the left field upper deck, the big boards didn't appear to block the rooftop views too much.

From the blog: stylin' Illini (and a bit more) relived

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From the blog: Illini celebs revisited

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From the blog: top celebs with Illini connections

As I write this, I’m watching the intersection of sports and pop culture at the ESPYs – an event that gets a bad rap but is quite enjoyable IMO.  And it got me to thinking of instances of when Illini sports and the celebrity world came crashing together.  I had to stretch, but I came up with a top ten list plus a few more.  Keep in mind these are not just celebs who are U of I al

From the blog: big game winners and losers

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From the blog: Flyin' Illini relived

With Lou Henson back in the news again for not so good reasons, I thought we could use a positive story related to the 1989 Flyin' Illini.  Here, courtesy of WDWS mixmaster Ed Bond, are some longform audio clips from that magical season.  You'll hear co