For The Fans

For The Fans

Basketball pick em regular season wrap up edition

Would you all please stand as we toll the bell 10 times in memory of the Illini’s NCAA Tournament hopes…

Basketball pick em game 18: Purdue

Hello blog nation.  Thanks for your patience as I returned from a little late-winter personal trip.  My viewing of last night’s game was limited, but from what I saw, it seemed like the Illini’s aggressiveness was on point.&nbsp

Basketball pick em game 17: Nebraska

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Basketball pick em game 16: Northwestern

You all know my hatred for Iowa, so this is an early candidate for worst night of the year.

Basketball pick em game 15: Iowa

And the Oscar for worst end to a weekend goes to…

Basketball pick em game 14: Michigan State

Full disclosure, I didn’t get to watch today’s game due to work (blame Uber).  But from the bits I was able to catch on the radio, I think I was able to glean some plusses and minuses.  The obvious plus is that the Illini hung with a top tier team for at least

Basketball pick em game 13: Wisconsin

That one ended in a streak that puts the Undertaker to shame…

Basketball pick game 12: Michigan

I’ll sum this one up in one word:  NICE!

Basketball pick em game 11 – Michigan State

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Basketball pick em game 10: Rutgers

Coach Groce wanted his guys to play ridiculous in this one.  And while I think we all can agree that today was