For The Fans

For The Fans

Football pick ‘em Week 1: Thoughts & Youngstown State predictions

It’s game week! 

Welcome to the Ditman pick ‘em era, Year 2

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Iowa thoughts, final standings, & a look ahead

And to think…my ISU fan neighbor in my hometown told me not to expect anything out of Jon Ekey…

Michigan thoughts, standings, & Iowa predictions

I’m just going to assume that the Wolverines saw how many people were picking against them on this blog and used that as their primary bulletin board material.

MSU thoughts, standings, & Michigan predictions

So, about that “see their team is weak” stuff...

Nebraska thoughts, standings, & MSU predictions

Two straight?  Great!

Minnesota thoughts, standings, & Nebraska predictions

And on this soggy hump day, the basketball gods smiled upon the blue jerseys and said, “Let’s let Illinois pull the upset this time.”  And so it was…

OSU thoughts, standings, & Minnesota predictions

So much for a late Valentine’s Day present, eh Congressman?

Nebraska thoughts, standings, & Ohio State predictions

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PSU thoughts, standings, & Nebraska predictions

Some people wait a lifetime (or in this case, 36 days)…