For The Fans

For The Fans

Basketball pick em game 9: Penn State

Well…Schmidt happens I guess…

Basketball pick em game 8: Minnesota

This game followed the script of one of my favorite superheroes…Jack Burton.  With five minutes to go in the first half I was like…

…but with five minutes left in the second half I was like…

Basketball pick em game 7: Purdue

But…but…there was pyro!  And 17,000 fans!  And the orange blazer!  And throwback unis!  Aw geez, this stinks.

Basketball pick em game 6: Indiana

No revenge of the nerds tonight!

Basketball pick em game 5: Northwestern

We should’ve just cancelled this one and had Tim Miles and John Groce go at it in a steel cage.  Wait…we probably would’ve lost that one too.

Basketball pick em game 4: #NEBRASKETBALL

Illini nation, meet your new king of the hill.  He sells basketballs and basketball accessories.

Basketball pick em game 3: Maryland

Well, can’t blame that one on the football coach.

Basketball pick em Game 2: Ohio State

Well…consider me Harbaugh’ed.

Basketball pick em Game 1 – Michigan

Welcome back!  Hope you enjoyed our one day rest between football and basketball picks.  Nothing against the fighting Beckmans, but it seems that hoops picks always seem to get more participation and more fun discussion.  And also don’t forget…

Football pick em post-bowl game edition

Remember when we thought the Illini could win be competitive in a bowl game?