For The Fans

For The Fans

Football pick em regular season wrap up edition

Who knew there would be so much hullabaloo over a hat?

Football pick em week 14 – the team upstate

Ever wonder what would happen if Brian Barnhart and good ol’ JR teamed up for a broadcast?

Football pick em week 13 – Penn State

(insert joke about idiots out wandering around here)

Football pick em week 11/12 – Iowa

Forget that game…what does Donovonn Young think about Ebola?

Football pick em week 10 – Ohio State

And on this day, Red Grange looked down on Zuppke/Memorial and smiled…

Football pick 'em Week 8/9 – Minnesota

Lots to digest after this ballgame, but I think this bit of dark humor (which we all need a little bit of from time to time) sums it up…

Football pick em Week 7 – Wisconsin

Rock, meet bottom…

Football pick 'em Week 6: Purdue

Man…that was the worst Daft Punk concert ever…

Football pick 'em Week 5: Nebraska

It was worth the wait for me…was it the same for you?

Football pick 'em Week 4: Texas State

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