For The Fans (February 2013)

For The Fans (February 2013)

UM Thoughts, Standings, & Nebraska Predictions

With apologies to Charles Dickens…

PSU Thoughts, Standings, & UM Predictions

In my best Jerry Seinfeld voice…what’s the deal with Illinois-Penn State games being played like they’re in another dimension?

NU Thoughts, Standings, & PSU Predictions

Everybody relax…it turns out it’s our state, our team after all.

Purdue Thoughts, Standings, & Northwestern Predictions

As I was talking to folks and carousing the web during the game last night, there was one common word that kept coming up.

Minny Thoughts, Standings, & Purdue Predictions

Tyler Griffey:  not a one hit wonder…

IU Thoughts (WOW!), Standings, & Minny Predictions

Just like Taylor Swift remembers when we broke up the first time…just like Skid Row will remember you…just like Michael Jackson remembers the time…I vividly remember the events of December 1st, 2004.  Like every other day, I woke up at

Wisconsin Thoughts & Indiana Predictions

Is it too early to say the Illini’s NCAA Tournament hopes are on life support?

Mini Update – We Have A Winner!

The scores have been tallied and…