For The Fans (January 2014)

IU thoughts, standings, & Iowa predictions

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OSU thoughts, standings, & Indiana predictions

Of the most recent five, I think this loss hurts the most.  Kind of like someone mercilessly chewing on your finger…

MSU thoughts, standings, & OSU predictions

I know we’re out of college football season, but I can't resist a football movie reference:  an Illini win right now is tougher to find than Ray Finkle…

Purdue thoughts, standings, & MSU predictions

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Northwestern thoughts, standings, & Purdue predictions

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Wisconsin thoughts, standings, & Northwestern predictions

Phil, sum this one up for us…

PSU thoughts, standings, & Wisconsin predictions

Given how ugly of a game this was until the final eight minutes or so, I debated whether it was worthy of a highlight.  But, hey, it’s the weekend…

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