For The Fans

For The Fans

Plays of the Game - North Carolina

Welcome to week three of the Dick Van Dyke Appliance World WOW Plays of the Game blog.  I'll committments caused me to be unable to watch today's game.  But given the final, maybe that's not the worst thing.  So these three highlights are courtesy of my colleague Scott Beatty.

Football pick 'em Week 3: North Carolina

Maybe I should wear leather on the neck more often?

Plays of the Game - Western Illinois

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From the blog: lightning delays a-plenty

Illinois and Kent State weren't alone in experiencing lightning delays this weekend.

NEW 12:20 p.m. Sunday:

Found one more.  Toledo-Stony Brook was called off on Thursday after multiple delays.

Football pick 'em Week 2: Western Illinois

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Plays of the Game - Kent State

Welcome to the first 2015 edition of the Dick Van Dyke Appliance World plays of the game blog.  Here, we'll highlight some of the top plays from each Illini football game in audio form.  Plenty to choose from today.  This completion from Wes Lunt to Tyler White got the scoring going...

From the blog: coach Cubit's best game week quotes

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Football pick 'em Week 1: Kent State

Hey, would you look at that…game week is here.  I’ve said it before…regardless of the Illini’s prospects year in and year out, I always enjoy college football in Champaign.  The anticipation builds day by day during game week, and pretty much the whole community stops what it’s doing on Saturday to be a part of gameday in one way or another.  I usually put in eight hours on gamed

From the blog: posters and logos and tweeters…oh my!

Some miscellaneous fun items as we wait for college football to start…