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The Trifecta of Defeat (UPDATED)

Football, Men's Basketball, and Volleyball all suffer losses over Thanksgiving Weekend.  Ouch.

But wait a minute, how about that women's basketball team.

MNS for Illinois-Cincy complete, plus my prediction and thoughts.

For some reason, when I hear Bearcat, I think of ManBearPig from South Park.  I know, I'm weird.

Illini Volleyball looks good doesn't it?

Had a blast watching the Kevin Hambly's team easily take care of Iowa in straight sets. 

Football's Done, Basketball Begins, Prediction Standings, and More.

Disappointed that the Land of Lincoln Trophy isn't a giant Penny.  That would have been the bomb! Can't believe I just said "the bomb".

MNS results, My Prediction, Thoughts, and Prediction Standings

A new trophy this year, the Land of Lincoln rivalry trophy.  I hope it looks like a giant penny.  That would make "cents", HAHA....I'm not funny.

Ron Zook *AUDIO* Plus Some Random Thoughts

First Word with Ron Zook on the Stevie Jay show on News Talk 1400 WDWS

Notre Dame blows.  Just throwing it out there.

MNS prediction, my prediction, and breaking down Minnesota by the numbers

The prediction standings got a little tighter after last week. 

WE BEAT MICHIGAN!! Don't ruin this for me.

To all of you trying to find problems with yesterday's game, look at the scoreboard, and shut up.

MNS Prediction, My Prediction, and more crazy statistics

It's like the 1970's Match Game.  The Illini football team is sooooo bad...... How Bad Is It?????   Read and find out.

My Thoughts on Illinois-Purdue

*AUDIO*  First Word with Illini Football Coach Ron Zook

Plus, an statistic that is hard to believe.


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