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Week 1 prep football views

It was 30 minutes before kickoff, but I could tell it was going to be a good night.

I purchased a diet pepsi from the Villa Grove concession stand and it was so cold there were small pieces of ice inside the plastic bottle. Just what was needed on a steamy evening.

An open letter to Nate Jozsa

One thing you will discover, I believe, with age and maturity, is that life just is not always fair.Sometimes the guy who works the hardest doesn't get the rewards he is seeking, whether it's an advancement at work or the final payoff in the athletic arena.

A message for coaches

I understand the value of cherishing every possession in basketball. I also recognize a need for balance.

Two thoughts are interwined as I reflect on last week's boys' basketball showdown between state-ranked St. Joseph-Ogden and Teutopolis teams.

One very special grandma

In our business, we get calls, emails or letters all the time from folks extolling the virtues of a child — or grandchild — whom they believe is an up-and-coming prospect. The hope is that we will write a profile on the person.

The ill-advised cloak of secrecy

School administrators, anxious to cover up trangressions in their district, have found a BFF in the privacy act and how they interpret it.

"No comment," is a popular answer. "It's a personnel issue."

Perhaps these administrators need to recognize that by saying nothing they are casting some of their employers in a bad light, and perhaps undeservedly so.

Isn't this the way it seems to go?

It seems no matter how much time, effort or research that goes into a story, there are always details you wish you had, but just can't track down for one reason or another.

In what must be some derivation of Murphy's Law, how often does that information become available after the story is written and published?

Feedback wanted

I'm a numbers guy. That's no secret to anyone who has known me, even prior to the time I became a sportswriter.

I want to know if I'm in the minority.

Here's the scoop. Each week during the school year, we at The News-Gazette compile lists of area leaders for a total of 17 different high school sports.

We will always remember

The least favorite part of our day is scanning the obituaries. All too often, there’s a listing for a former area athlete, an acquaintance or a relative. It doesn't get any easier as we get older.
We always wind up thinking, “they’re gone too soon.”

The story Chris Herren couldn't tell

Chris Herren told a heart-wrenching and compelling story when he spoke Thursday to nearly 2,000 students at Champaign Central High School.
There’s an equally heart-wrenching and compelling story he didn’t address. It’s how the lives of friends and family of drug users are affected, the agony and devastation they endure and the guilt they live with for years.

Call it 'Super Saturday'

Anyone interested in checking out some boys' basketball players of the future should check out the action Saturday at Urbana. The school is hosting a 12-team shootout featuring seventh- and eighth-grade teams.

Urbana High School's two gyms will be utilized as will the Urbana Middle School Gym.