Fred's Blog (December 2006)

Fred's Blog (December 2006)

The road warrior

I understand why it's called holiday hoops hysteria.

I'm loving it

I am convinced that you can eat too much stuffing at Thanksgiving (though it has not yet happened to me), drive too fast on the Interstate or face a week with too much work, but there's no way to feast on too much basketball in one day.

Giving credit

As I look at the Centennial girls' basketball team, I give lots of credit to coach Tim Fairchild for sticking it out rather than walking away following the school's state tournament runs earlier this decade.

Wishing for a re-do

Ever think about what you would change if you could have a do-over?

Not an everyday occurence

There was an interesting twist to the boys' basketball action on Tuesday night when Danville High School played at Centennial.

What's the rule?

A different day. A different basketball game at a different site. Different referees.