Fred's Blog (September 2012)

Fred's Blog (September 2012)

And that's the way it is

Arriving early for Thursday night's varsity volleyball match at Urbana between the Tigers and the visiting Centennial Chargers provided reason for me to pause and reflect.

Fondly remembering

The obituary in The News-Gazette on Saturday told about the Friday passing of Paul Jarboe. It created an opportunity to reflect on a person I had known in the years that don't seem that far back.

Now here's an idea

This wouldn't have been possible five years ago. It wouldn't even have been possible last year.

But rules have changed.

The really important plays

The really important plays in any athletic event depend on your perspective and -- I suppose -- whether you're a parent of one of the players.

Volleyball's seldom-viewed statistic

Not all volleyball victories are created equally. Forget the fact that wins come against a cross-section of competition, some of which is strong, some of which is not.