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Centennial's classy state appearance

Veteran reporters, by nature, are cynics. And, usually, there's good reason for the skepticism.

When you've covered state tournaments of some sort for more than three decades, it's easy to predict what losing coaches will say in advance of their time in the interview room.

"We didn't play well today." (Translation: we would have beaten this team on another day.)

The reality of truth

I know what's coming, and it's not going to be pretty.

Eighteen area high school football teams made the playoffs, which start this weekend. Sixteen of them decided to play their first-round game on Saturday. One area school (Ridgeview) picked Friday and one other school (Urbana) is presently undecided between a Friday and Saturday game, though the latter appears most likely.

And that's the way it is

Arriving early for Thursday night's varsity volleyball match at Urbana between the Tigers and the visiting Centennial Chargers provided reason for me to pause and reflect.

Fondly remembering

The obituary in The News-Gazette on Saturday told about the Friday passing of Paul Jarboe. It created an opportunity to reflect on a person I had known in the years that don't seem that far back.

Now here's an idea

This wouldn't have been possible five years ago. It wouldn't even have been possible last year.

But rules have changed.

The really important plays

The really important plays in any athletic event depend on your perspective and -- I suppose -- whether you're a parent of one of the players.

Volleyball's seldom-viewed statistic

Not all volleyball victories are created equally. Forget the fact that wins come against a cross-section of competition, some of which is strong, some of which is not.

A terrible idea

Pardon me if I don't jump on the band wagon and lead cheers for Jordan Caroline's decision to forsake his high school basketball  teammates and attend a prep school in Florida as a junior.

If I'm a college coach, my view on this move is drastically different than what seems to be the popular opinion.

An impressive debut

ARCOLA -- Wyatt Fishel didn’t need to wait long.
The first time Salt Fork punted in Friday’s football season-opener, Fishel was the return man. As the ball rose to its apex and descended, Storm players were closing in on the teen-ager.
Fishel signalled for a fair catch and, surrounded by the opposition, unflinchingly made the catch under pressure.

2012 Danville High School football preview

DANVILLE — There are plenty of available veterans for B.J. Luke as he begins his eighth season as the football head coach at his alma mater, Danville High School.
Not all of his athletes with the most game-night experience are playing where they did a year ago, but prospects for the state’s 10th-ranked Class 6A team are good.