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Schoolhouse learning

It's neat the way some schools 'paper' their walls.

As the saying goes

All in a day's work, you might think

It's about time

Why can't other high schools follow Mattoon's lead?

A bittersweet week

Life doesn't always follow the path we prefer

Feeling right at home

Road trip not all bad

Wet, yes, but it's where to be

Year 33 of covering high school football started on Friday. Doesn't seem

like it has been that long.

Literally touching thousands of lives

Referee Clive Hornstein was one of the best and not just when it came to officiating basketball games. He had a passion for what he did and integrity beyond reproach. And as a person, he was always welcoming and sincere.

I don't get it

Someone needs to explain something to me.

Get ready for the show

I like the halftime shows at high school athletic events as much as the next guy. Whether it's the marching band performing, a group of dancers or a pom pon routine, it's fun to see these student-athletes showcased for the work they've put in.

The road warrior

I understand why it's called holiday hoops hysteria.