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I'm loving it

I am convinced that you can eat too much stuffing at Thanksgiving (though it has not yet happened to me), drive too fast on the Interstate or face a week with too much work, but there's no way to feast on too much basketball in one day.

Giving credit

As I look at the Centennial girls' basketball team, I give lots of credit to coach Tim Fairchild for sticking it out rather than walking away following the school's state tournament runs earlier this decade.

Wishing for a re-do

Ever think about what you would change if you could have a do-over?

Not an everyday occurence

There was an interesting twist to the boys' basketball action on Tuesday night when Danville High School played at Centennial.

What's the rule?

A different day. A different basketball game at a different site. Different referees.

No clearcut winner

In 2004, Jeff Mezydlo stood alone atop the list of News-Gazette prep football game winners. After all games had been played, he held a commanding five-game edge over Rich Barak.


To many, Keith Page was the witty weather guy on television.

'Tis the season

Yes, I am jolly ... but not because THAT season is just around the corner.

The way it should be

It's refreshing to see the support area teams have received throughout the football playoffs.

Oh, Happy Day

This day is always one of my favorite ones of the year. Forget the fact that it's my birthday -- and if you reverse the numbers, I'm a teen-ager again! -- that's only a small part of my feeling.