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An instant replay

Area radio stations do a great job of providing play-by-play of their local high school football, basketball and, occasionally, volleyball games.

What a start!

Fans who were a minute late to Friday night's football game at Danville's Whitesell Field missed a lot.

A story to tell

I'm often asked why the articles in the newspaper the day after events I cover have only a limited about of detail about the particular game itself.

The right call

It seems there is seldom a game that passes -- whatever the sport -- where the men or women officiating the game are not criticized for a call, or lack therof.

A special night

An awesome statistical night by itself doesn't make a performance sensational.

The nostalgic road

There is a special appeal in traveling to the smaller high schools in our area for athletic events.

What does it really mean?

Big games are always preceded by big-time hype.

Something new every day

I can't imagine working a job where I do the same things over and over, day after day, week after week, month after month and year after year.

Words from a veteran

I had the good fortune to start covering high school football games for a daily newspaper as a teen-aged college student.

Sportswriting and fashion

Covering high school athletics has helped me become something of a fashion guru.