Kiss the cook (October 2012)

N-G Recipe - Balsamic-pepper flank steak with grilled pears and blue cheese

We had a flank steak dinner planned for a weeknight menu this week and I was going to make it with an ancho rub.  Then John brought my attention to yesterday's News-Gazette featured recipe for flank steak.  It has a simple marinade and then is topped with pears and blue cheese.  Since I had a couple of pears leftover from

Round two from Catalonia

This past Sunday I selected recipes again from Catalonia.  This time I selected the Roast Duck with poached pairs in a delicious sauce with mashed potatoes and sautéed spinach with raisins and pine nuts.

Return to Spanish Cuisine

We've been distracted from the Spanish cuisine theme during the summer to fall harvest, so we got back to that this month with a focus on Catalonia.  Catalonia is on the Mediterranean, home of Barcelona,  and boasts "the richest, most complex, and most sophisticated (cuisine) of Spain." There are French  influences as well as the diversity of foods from the mar i mun

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