Kiss the cook (November 2012)

Tested menu for Christmas and it’s ‘beyond good’!

For the past couple of years, I have hosted my book club meeting in November/December and test my Christmas meal plan on them.  That meeting was last night and I was delighted with the results.   

Traditional turkey leftovers

Just like Thanksgiving dinner traditions, we have our usual recipes for the leftover turkey.  

It's Thanksgiving already!

The holidays seem to come upon us too fast each year.  I recently saw a saying that applies ... probably on Pinterest ... "Long days and short years."   I'd say that sums up my life pretty well!  

Kumato salad for a potluck

Today there was a potluck in the newsroom and we were to send a salad or dessert.  When I have to make a contribution to a potluck I almost always make a new-to-me recipe.  Other cooks like to take their best tried-and-true recipe but I like to try something new to see how well it’s received.  Some contributions are better than others, and I still get a few comments about the bac

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