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First meal from the new toaster oven

During visits to my daughter, I’d been noticing how much they use their little toaster oven.  I haven’t had one for many years now.  She and her husband make great use of it and she convinced me I needed one, too.  The two main reasons are that it takes less energy to cook small amounts of food and it is safer than opening the big oven door when the toddlers are in the kitchen.&n

Saturday night dinner for two

On most Saturday nights dining at home , we select a nice bottle of wine and make a meal that pairs well with it.  For tonight, we decided to use the last of our pork chops from the Old Time Meat and Deli shop's spring sale remaining in our freezer.  We had two pork loin chops to use.  So, we are instead reversing t

Moving on from ham leftovers

I was able to serve five meals from our New Year’s Day ham.  I already wrote about the Ham Tetrazzini, which made for great leftover leftovers.  I also made a Ham and Wild Ric

First use of the leftover ham – Ham Tetrazzini

We have a good amount of ham leftover from our New Year’s Day dinner and I have several recipes in mind to use it up.

Happy New Year!

We have a long standing family New Years Day meal tradition handed down from my paternal grandmother that we continue to honor - ham and cabbage for good heath and prosperity.  In recent years, we've added Hopping John which is reportedly for good luck - a desirable thing.

Skillet dinner from the pantry

Leading up to the holidays, I'm selecting most of our menus using ingredients we already have on hand. The goal is to free up space in the freezer and cupboards and save a little on the grocery bill.  

Starting Menu Journal Vol. 2

I just used the last page of my menu journal to write our plans for next week.  I started journaling menus in September 2007 with a tad too much ambition.  Initially, the intention was to write commentary on the menus, record adjustments to the recipes and comments on wine pairings.  The task was too daunting and the record stops after 6 weeks.

Tested menu for Christmas and it’s ‘beyond good’!

For the past couple of years, I have hosted my book club meeting in November/December and test my Christmas meal plan on them.  That meeting was last night and I was delighted with the results.   

Traditional turkey leftovers

Just like Thanksgiving dinner traditions, we have our usual recipes for the leftover turkey.  

It's Thanksgiving already!

The holidays seem to come upon us too fast each year.  I recently saw a saying that applies ... probably on Pinterest ... "Long days and short years."   I'd say that sums up my life pretty well!  

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