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Meg Makes

Meg Makes: My last day at The News-Gazette

I have news today that's both exciting and bittersweet for me. It's my last day working in the newsroom of The News-Gazette. I'm starting a new communications job in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Illinois in early January.

Meg Makes: Recipe for Ricotta Filled Roti Bread

I have been meaning to share this recipe for a long while, and am glad to finally be doing so.

Meg Makes: How I made a knitted Advent calendar of tiny socks, sweaters, hats and mittens

I've been promising myself for a long time that I will make some sort of durable Advent calendar that marks every day in my favorite liturgical season.

When I was little, we used a homemade calendar my mom made that dispensed a candy cane for every day in December. I wanted something similar, although I didn't really want it to revolve around food.

Meg Makes: Recipe for Ginger Bends cookies

I happen to love cookies this time of year, and thought I'd share a submitted recipe for a yummy-looking ginger cookie.

It's from Carol Timms, and is for Ginger Bends, a cookie that she calls "a lovely, soft version of ginger snaps."

Sounds good to me.

Reposted Meg Makes: Erin's tried and true recipes for decorated sugar cookies

This post originally ran Dec. 19, 2012.

Yesterday, regular guest-blogger Erin Lippitz wrote about decorating cupcakes for the holidays.

Reposted: Fruitcake recipe you can be proud to make

The first Christmas I was dating Rob, he invited me to try some of his mom's fruitcake. I wrinkled up my nose and wondered what I was getting myself into.

But a taste of Mary Dickinson's fruitcake revealed a fruity, nutty treat I'd never experienced before.

Meg Makes: Easy, savory recipe for Chicken Fatteh

This fall, Rob and I have been experimenting with recipes from The Lebanese Kitchen, and have had great results with every recipe we've tried.

Meg Makes: Thanksgiving leftovers recipe for Turkey Noodle Casserole

This is another recipe from Champaign resident Jennifer Wilson. I'm a sucker for casseroles, so I'm especially excited about this one.

It's a great idea for using up the last of your turkey this week, or for when you pull the leftovers out of your freezer.

Meg Makes: Recipe for fried rice, turkey cakes to be made with Thanksgiving leftovers

Here are a couple more recipes for you to make with your Thanksgiving leftovers.