ChampaignTaste haiku winners married

ChampaignTaste haiku winners married

After serving as a judge for local food blog ChampaignTaste's secret food shame haiku contest, I have a cute anecdote to share.

Turns out the first-place winner, Allen, is married to the second-place winner, Cheri. The judges had no idea.

The blog's author, Lisa Morgan, e-mailed me about it this weekend. "They wrote to see about the prizes and told me the story," Morgan said.

"(Cheri) was the girlfriend who was mad about him eating all that pickled garlic," she wrote me. (Make sure you check out the winning entries - you'll understand then.)

And just so third-place winner Christine doesn't feel left out, after reading her haiku, I ended up picking up some Nutty bars for myself this weekend. After all, she shouldn't be forced to suffer that food shame alone, should she?

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