Local chocolate maker to start selling his product

Local chocolate maker to start selling his product

I wrote a story about Urbana chocolate maker Dan Schreiber late last year. Since then, he's continued to test his product and pursue selling his chocolate in the retail market. You can read all about his most recent efforts on his blog.

He'll start selling his chocolates tomorrow, he wrote, at Amara Yoga and Arts in Urbana.

And as you'll read on his blog, he's been experimenting with different chocolates, including white chocolate and 100 percent cacao chocolate.

About a month after I wrote the story, I gave Schreiber a donation in exchange for a chocolate bar he made that included coffee beans from the Columbia Street Roastery. It was so good, I broke off little bits to eat each day so it would last longer. And if you know me, you know I don't ration chocolate well.

If you're into chocolate, I'd highly suggest trying some of Schreiber's. And if not, at least read his fascinating blog. I never realized so much can go into the making of my favorite treat.

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