Meg Makes (July 2010)

Meg Makes (July 2010)

Parrothead quilt to be auctioned off at fundraiser

We'll have more information coming soon in the newspaper about CU In The Prairibbean VI, but I wanted to bring to your attention a quilt made to auction off at the fundraiser.

Pondering a News-Gazette cookbook

OK, faithful readers, I need your input.

Amy George, The News-Gazette's director of market development and special projects, and I got to chatting yesterday, and she mentioned the idea of publishing an annual cookbook reprinted with recipes from The News-Gazette.

Tomato soup for the summer months

 When it's hot outside, I have a hard time getting motivated enough to cook.

My kitchen is small, so the oven really heats it up. Plus, who wants to sweat while eating hot dishes? But at the same time, it's too bad, because so many delicious ingredients are garden-fresh right now.


How to make a ruffled shower curtain

I didn't intend to make a shower curtain as a part of my bathroom project.

The great bathroom revamp has begun

When I start seeing U-Hauls parked in front of apartment buildings this time of year, I feel a sense of overwhelming relief at not having to move.

Following that, though, I usually get a desire to spruce up my house. Last year, I decided at the home-improvement store that I needed to paint my spare bedroom and it needed to be turquoise.

Wedding photographer comes up with another use for newspapers

 I've written before about creative ways to reuse newspapers (and newspaper bags, but that's not pertinent here). 

Tin plate cake stand affordable and easy to make

I've described this feeling before – when you dig the new Pottery Barn catalog out of your mailbox, ooh and ahhh at the carefully placed, beautiful objects inside and think, “Man, my house would look great if I had ______.”

C-U Schools Foundation's store will provide plenty of inspiration

 While the C-U Schools Foundation's I.D.E.A. Store is still getting set up in the shopping center just east of Neil Street on Springfield Ave., it's clear to me that it has a lot of potential. It will open in September.