Meg Makes (October 2010)

Meg Makes (October 2010)

Recipe for yam risotto

This morning was less dramatic than yesterday's mouse-inspired fright fest.

A mouse in the house and recipe for squash soup

My cat, Sassy, is a wild little thing.

I adopted her about two years ago and am guessing she's about 2 ½. She still acts like a kitten – tearing around my house, carrying toys in her mouth and generally having a bad (but cute) attitude.

Recipe for apple peanut butter cookies

I needed a quick dessert recipe for a dish to take to a bonfire last weekend.
I found this recipe for Apple Peanut Butter Cookies in a magazine I brought home from our most recent Taste of Home Cooking School.
The recipe was pretty simple, and the cookies were soft and chewy.

Fridge problems a reminder to be grateful

Even after a month, I still find myself thinking a lot about the SNAP Hunger Challenge.

It comes to mind when I make time to cook and plan meals, when I write food stories for the newspaper and when I blog.

A cowgirl's dilemma: boots in the office?


This summer, I bought a gorgeous pair of cowboy boots from Pard's in Urbana.

The News-Gazette can be used as chicken bedding

Why did the chicken cross the road? To sleep in The News-Gazette.

Refashioning gives a DIY approach to looking good

Lately, I've been checking out some blogs on which people write about altering clothing, or “refashioning.”