High hopes for a newly planted garden

High hopes for a newly planted garden

Rob and I loaded up on plants yesterday evening and planted our garden.

In the past, my garden has consisted of a couple tomato plants, a couple of peppers and some zucchini.

This year, we (OK, I) got carried away and bought 12 (!) tomato plants. What can I say? I love them. My mom knows how to can sauce and salsa, so if they go wild this summer, I may sweet talk her into coming over and helping. We bought some Early Girls, some Beefsteaks, a cherry tomato plant, a roma tomato and an heirloom variety that turns pink when it's ripe. I'm a little giddy just thinking of eating all those tomatoes.

We bought four jalapenos, four hot banana peppers, a couple of bell peppers, a four-pack of what we thought were Brussels sprouts – turns out we should have checked the tag, because they're cauliflower plants. And we bought some four-packs of Swiss chard and red lettuce, as my mom, a gardening expert, said it's too late to grow lettuce from seed. We also bought a zucchini plant and some pumpkin seeds.

We planted everything but the Brus..., er, califlower and zucchini last night. It was getting dark as I was watering the lettuces and Rob constructed a chicken-wire fence around the garden. I finished planting this morning.

We planted each plant with a little compost – this is my third summer in the house and the first time I've had any real compost to use. We also watered them a little and topped them with planters with the bottoms cut out, to protect them from the wind and the rabbits. (They've been known to get under the chicken-wire fence, those rascals.)

Rob will water them when he gets home from work today, and as he gets more time, will become the garden's main caretaker.

We've both struggled lately with feeling slightly helpless – there's so much in the world that we can't control. But planting the garden made us both feel pretty good. We can control making sure our little patch of earth is well-watered and weed free.

I'm looking forward to seeing its progress.

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