The newspaper + coupons = lots of savings, and now a way for you to buy extras

The newspaper + coupons = lots of savings, and now a way for you to buy extras

I was so excited to blog about newspapers and coupons today, as well as share with you the content of an ad scheduled for today's paper about coupons.

Well, it turns out we flubbed and ran the wrong ad (the one that's supposed to feature our coupon columnist's best coupon picks in next Sunday's paper). Yeah, we left out the coupons and some important info. But I've got it for you, so never fear.

In tomorrow's corrected ad, you'll see that coupon columnist Sarah Holmes has chosen these coupons:

1. Buy One Gillette Deodorant, Get One Gillette Deodorant Free. Expires
6/30/2011. (Red Plum)

2. Save $2 off any one Gillette Body Wash. Expires 6/30/2011. (Red Plum)

3. Save $1.50 on any one package of Pull-Ups Training Pants (Jumbo Pack or
Larger) Expires 6/11/2011. (Smart Source)

4. Save $2 on any one Venus Razor. Expires 6/30/2011. (Red Plum)

5. Save $2 on any one Venus Refill. Expires 6/30/2011. (Red Plum)

Also, the ad left out some pretty important info for you would-be extreme couponers.

The TLC show has many people – several a day, at least – calling us to see if they can get extra Sunday papers for the coupons.

So in today's paper, we announced ways you can get more Sunday papers.

The first one: Subscribers can now order additional Sunday papers to be delivered to your home for $1 more per week.

(The fine print: this is charged at $4.33/month; available only through EZ Pay, in which the money is deducted automatically each month from your checking account or credit card.)

The second option: Subscribers can purchase additional copies of the Sunday paper the following week for $1 per copy, while supplies last. Copies are available for purchase from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday at The News-Gazette, 15 Main St., C.

When you make your purchase, bring in the completed form you'll find on today's page C-3 and, I'm sure, in other places in papers to follow.

So there  you go – buy extra papers and coupon away.

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repeteil wrote on May 12, 2011 at 12:05 pm

Some stores are starting to let you only buy one item and use only one coupons for each visit. And some stores are not accepting competitors coupons anymore. Also where we live one store is only accepting their coupons that are published in their ads and nothing else. Just a sign of the times. Just be prepared to the new rules at some stores about using coupons.

quirkycool wrote on May 13, 2011 at 6:05 am

It would be much better if we could just purchase the extra coupon inserts only. We don't need the full newspaper. Wouldn't it be better to save some trees and to have less garbage?

Meg Dickinson wrote on May 13, 2011 at 8:05 am
Profile Picture

Good suggestion.