Meg Makes (June 2011)

Meg Makes (June 2011)

Substitute healthy snacks when traveling this summer

This is the season for road trips and vacations, and when I spied this press release on snacking healthily, I figured I'd pass it on. It's from Kristina Adams, spokeswoman for the Illinois Dietetic Association and registered dietitian with Carle Weight Management Center.

One thing that struck my attention: encouragement to eat baked potato chips. Don't mind if I do.

Planning Guilt-Free night out to see 'The Help'

I'm working on something exciting with Julie Wurth of Are We There Yet? and Kerry Rossow of HouseTalkN, and I had to share with you, even though we still have a few details to work out.

Ice Cream and Independence: proof that patriotism and music go together

This weekend, I had the opportunity to participate in Jim Turpin's Ice Cream and Independence live radio show at Champaign's Virginia Theatre.

I'd actually never been to the event before, but I honestly think I'll never miss it again.

What's your karaoke standby?

When I went to Thailand in 2005 with Habitat for Humanity, I was suprised by the fact that karaoke was everywhere.

We did it in big groups and in private rooms - the latter had screens showing photos that were not, uh, exactly appropriate or related to the songs.

Changes in lifestyle make it easier to battle 'I want-itis'

So I mentioned this when I wrote my post about American Girl dolls a while back, but I've been thinking about it more lately.


A few notes on sisterly love

I've heard a quotation that goes something like, siblings are our closest bets at soulmates.

An update on the Guilt-Free Book Club

OK, Guilt-Free Book Clubbers, have you reserved your copies of “The Help” from the library?

Fruit salad with pasta an unexpected summery treat

We had an all-company cookout day last Friday, and I tried a pasta salad with fruit. Or maybe it was a fruit salad with pasta.

Sample 'not your average cantaloupe' for free this weekend

I occassionally get press releases from Frieda's, the produce company that provides produce to local Schnucks stores. Since this one includes delicious-looking new fruits and the promise of free samples Saturday, I figured I'd post it.


Try some new melons this summer!

Considering open shelving in our kitchen

I think I have a little problem in the DIY-my-kitchen department. I might be addicted.