Meg Makes (July 2011)

Meg Makes (July 2011)

Reader DIY: Melinda Miller's unattached deck, gazebo and outdoor chandelier

Today's installment of readers' DIY projects: a cool unattached deck from Champaign resident Melinda Miller, who sent me tons of photos of her and her husband's project.

New arrivals: dog trumps computer

So Mike Howie has been teasing me for a while now, because right around the time he ordered a new laptop, Rob and I

Melissa Mitchell's reused art and planters

I am having such a blast this week featuring readers' DIY projects, and today's came from Champaign resident Melissa Mitchell.

She mentions the I.D.E.A. Store in several of the projects she sent me - she may like it more than I do. She also volunteers there. Here's what she's been creating:

More reader projects: Dawn's headboard and Kathy's fireman quilt

Today, I have two lovely DIY projects from readers – a headboard made by Mahomet resident Dawn Coyne, and a quilt by Kathy Wallig. (You might remember Kathy as the one who made this cool parrothead-style quilt.)

Carrie Garner's collection of home DIY projects

This week, I'm hoping to feature your DIY projects. I've gotten a few emails that I'll separate into a few different posts.

If you have a DIY project, be it furniture or a deck or even an excellent recipe, email me a couple of paragraphs and a photo. I'd love to feature it.

Send me your DIY masterpieces and I'll feature them here

Two readers recently sent me a short write-up, complete with photos, about things they've made themselves.

Thinking winter in July: My trick for convincing myself I'm cool

One of my favorite ways to keep cool when it gets hot like this is to get in a wintery state of mind.

Recipe for tzatziki

Anyone else finding that their garden is growing in spurts?

After our crazy zucchini harvest a week or so ago, I've gotten exactly nothing from that plant. I think the rabbits are helping themselves to the blossoms.

Pickled peppers: you'll want to pack a peck of these

Remember how I recently bemoaned the fact that we have four productive jalapeno plants in our garden?

I take it back.

Guilt-Free Book Club: Time to discuss "The Help"

Mid-July is here, and I'm starting the Guilt-Free discussion today about "The Help" by Kathryn Stockett.