Meg Makes (August 2011)

Meg Makes (August 2011)

Improving curb appeal little by little

With all the dog-walking I've been doing lately, it's become painfully obvious that I live in a neighborhood full of adorable houses – and my own curb appeal is not up to snuff.


Recipe for Southwest Chicken Pizza

Rob and I made a refreshing pizza combination last weekend, and I wanted to share it with you.

Milou: the best canine friend I can imagine

It's been four weeks since we brought Milou home, so I thought I'd update you.

Ramen Relief scheduled for Sunday at Black Dog in Urbana

The Black Dog Smoke and Alehouse in Urbana is hosting Sunday its second round of Ramen Relief.

Recipe for canning Bloody Mary mix, fireball pickled tomatoes

I was interviewing Urbana resident Jill Miller (of Hooey Batiks fame) this morning for a feature story, and she mentioned she cans Bloody Mary mix  in the summer.

Recipe for Cheesy Eggplant Casserole

My posts about homemade hashbrowns and barbecue pork pizza probably make you think we eat like gluttons all the time, but that's not true.

Barbecue pork: a delicious topping for homemade pizza

If you know anything about the movie “Anchorman,” you'll understand my love for it is probably a reflection on my maturity level. Not a exactly good one, either.


It's a total guilty pleasure, though, and I can pretty much quote the entire movie.

Missing the movie: a literally guilt-free movie night

A funny thing happened this weekend – I didn't see “The Help” at our Guilt-Free Book Club Readers' Night Out. And I'm proud of myself – I don't feel guilty about it.

Figuring out kitchen solutions: new use for popsicle sticks and my rice cooker

Since adopting a dog, my whole routine has changed.