Meg Makes (October 2011)

Meg Makes (October 2011)

Making good progress on our unique DIY fence

I thought putting a fence up in our backyard would take five hours, tops.

Recipe for no-bake Creamy Pumpkin Mousse Pie

Karen Wisegarver sent me this recipe for Creamy Pumpkin Mousse Pie and I wanted to share it - I'm loving all these pumpkin recipes from readers. This one, like the Pumpkin Pie Crustless Custard, can work if you even if you can't eat sugar.

Anita Dukeman's soup recipes: Sausage- Lentil Stew and Broccoli-Cheddar

My new guest blogger, Anita Dukeman of Arthur, sent me these delicious-looking recipes along with her recipe for chicken stock last week.

I'm thinking soup for dinner sounds pretty good right now.

Recipe for Sausage Breakfast Pizza

Rob and I were at a dinner stalemate (OK, it was not that dramatic, but it makes for a good story) last Friday night.

Fun, homemade costume: bear and bear hunter

This year, Rob and I attended our favorite annual Halloween party dressed as a bear and a bear hunter.

Moving from writing features to covering education

Time for an announcement – starting Monday, I will be covering K-12 education, mostly in Champaign and Urbana, for The News-Gazette.

Guest post: Celebrating the National Day on Writing with #whyiwrite

This guest post is by Cari Rich, an Urbana resident who works for the National Council of Teachers of English. I first met her when I did a story about the Twin City Derby Girls. Writing is pretty crucial to my life and livelihood, so I thought it would be cool to let Cari tell you about the National Day on Writing.

Introducing guest blogger Anita Dukeman and recipe for homemade chicken stock

I am so excited today to introduce (or re-introduce, if you're a faithful newspaper reader)  you to Anita Dukeman.

Painting doors and getting oil-based paint out of hair

Whew - have you ever been relieved to go back to work at the end of a weekend? I'm glad to be at my desk today.

Our next project: Attempting to build a fence from paneled doors

I tend to have a love-hate relationship with our back yard.

I spend weeks ignoring it, then manically weeding for a few days before giving up on it and letting the weeds grow high. But lately, I've been spending more time out there because of our dog, Milou.