Meg Makes (November 2011)

Meg Makes (November 2011)

Making a DIY draft-stopper for a breezy door

When you live in a 90-year-old house, drafts are common.

Making a simple Advent wreath to celebrate the season

Advent is my favorite season of the church year, and I'm always looking for ways to celebrate it in my home.

Ringing the bell for a good cause

One of the things I love about my employer: for the last couple of years, The News-Gazette has encouraged its employees to sign up on teams to ring bells for Salvation Army kettles.

Christine Canfield's adapted recipe for Beer Mac and Cheese

Chances are, you're sick of dressing and mashed potatoes by now (did you try Thanksgiving Pizza?), so I thought I'd post this recipe that Urbana resident Christine Canfield sent me the other day.

Decorating stockings to hang on our new fireplace headboard

After spending a good chunk of a weekend working on our fireplace headboard,

Welcoming the Christmas season with an aluminum Christmas tree

I've been admiring all things retro for several years now, and for as long as I've known about them, I've wanted an aluminum Christmas tree.

I've seen them in antique shops, but they seem to always be labeled "not for sale."

Thanksgiving prep and a casualty in the battle for a flaky pie crust

I started prepping yesterday afternoon the dishes I'm bringing to my parents' Thanksgiving celebration Thursday.

Thankful for my patient husband and how we finished our fireplace headboard

After Julie's post about finding gratitude even when things seem hopeless, I started thinking about my sweet husband.

Updated: an accessible collection of Thanksgiving recipes

Update: For easy reference, I've also added Lisa Selig's DeLuxe Pecan Pie recipe to this list.

Lisa Selig's recipe for DeLuxe Pecan Pie

I know I may be the only person to ever say this, but I love the grocery store in the days preceeding Thanksgiving.

There's such a hustle and bustle, and I love to nosily peek at what's in other people's carts. (There's a reason I'm a reporter, after all.) And I was proven right this weekend: the kindness of strangers really comes out.