Meg Makes (November 2011)

Meg Makes (November 2011)

A Thanksgiving-themed front door

As you may know, I've been all about Thanksgiving lately - mostly because I think it just doesn't get enough attention this time of year.

Finishing up fence made from paneled doors

There is something so special about finishing a home-improvement project that's eaten up a month of weekends.

Tried and True Thanksgiving: recipe for Orange-Cranberry Relish

Here's another wonderful Thanksgiving recipe from my mother-in-law Mary Dickinson. This stuff is dynamite, especially on turkey or a dinner roll.

Give Thanksgiving its due: share your favorite holiday recipe

Somehow, we're three weeks away from possibly the best food holiday of the year.

Recipe for Taco Pizza

Rob and I decided to try making taco pizza this weekend, but I was pretty set against putting any sort of sauce on it. I've had it before at restaurants and it often tastes funny.

Instead, we made a standard crust (made half with whole-wheat flour) and built from there without sauce.

Use homemade cleaning paste to clean your oven

Remember my recipes for homemade cleaning products?