Meg Makes (December 2011)

Meg Makes (December 2011)

The secret to making an award-winning ugly holiday sweater

Rob and I attended last weekend's CUTweetup, which had an ugly sweater theme.

I'm proud to say we collectively won first place for the ugliest sweaters.

Pet photos with Santa benefit local animal organization

Today was a busy one - we picked out, put up and decorated our first live Chrismas tree (at least for me as an adult).

Christmas decorations, literacy and rescued dogs

Our dog, Milou, came to the U.S. early this year, so this is his first American Christmas.

Anita Dukeman's list of must-have pots and pans

Lately, I've been thinking about my set of basic teflon pots and pans.

My set - which is red - was a gift from my sister my first Christmas out of college and has gotten me through a lot of cooking. I love it.

Anita Dukeman's recipe for Moo Shu Pork

Guest blogger Anita Dukeman sent me this guest post several weeks ago, but with all the holiday items I've been posting, it's gotten shuffled around. I'm pleased to post it today.

Vintage ornaments make DIY wreath sparkle

A few years ago, I saw a wreath in a store pretty much encrusted in charming, vintage-style ornaments. But it cost $100 – on sale. That's just not in my budget.

A new go-to recipe for homemade pizza crust

Several weeks ago, I sent a plea into the blogosphere - I wanted an excellent thin-crust pizza recipe.

Karen Wisegarver delivered, with a recipe that came with her Crispi Crust pizza pan. She bought it at K's Merchandise before it closed. Karen said the pans make excellent homemade pizza.

Saving space with a wall-mounted TV and DVD collection

Rob and I are always looking for ways to save space in our tiny house, and we recently decided to wall-mount our TV.

We also wanted to put our DVD player and DVD collection on the wall as well to maximize our space savings.

Updated: Marjorie Williams' recipe for Southern Bourbon Balls

Updated Dec. 2: Marjorie let me know this morning that she mistyped the amount of Eagle Brand milk this recipe calls from when transcribing it from her recipe card. The amount below is now correct.

Also, if you have a beloved Christmas or holiday recipe, feel free to email me - I 'd love to share it.


Paper wreath adds funky holiday flair to front door

This year, I decided wanted a bay or bay-inspired wreath for my front door. I was going for something Christmassy without whacking visitors over the head with it.