Meg Makes (January 2012)

Meg Makes (January 2012)

Decision time: should I paint my hallway light blue or bright white?

Yesterday's weather had me practically jumping for joy.

The sun was shining, the birds were singing - and that weird flower in my front walkway that usually blooms in March showed up early. Plus, the longer sunlight in the evening is just such a relief. I know that winter is far from over, but it's so nice when the weather feels like spring.

Making a jargon jar for the newsroom

One of the things I've learned since starting to cover the education beat is that there are tons of specialized terms in the field, and usually outsiders have trouble figuring out what they mean.

Takes the Cake: Erin shows how to make the cutest "Olivia the Pig" party favors

Here's the second installment of Erin's tutorials for her niece's "Olivia the Pig"-themed birthday party (find her tutorial for Olivia cupcakes here.) Man, what a

Takes the Cake: Erin makes "Olivia the Pig" themed cupcakes for a birthday party

Here's a guest post from my baking coworker and guest blogger, Erin Lippitz, about the goodies she made for her niece's birthday party.

Check out my guest post over at HouseTalkN

It's been a while since I reminded you all that, you know, I got married 13 months ago.

Tons of ideas for using chalkboard paint

This weekend, I cracked open my pint of chalkboard paint that seems to have no end.

Amanda Hartman's tutorial for a gorgeous brooch wedding bouquet

Today's blog is a guest post from Amanda Hartman, who works in The News-Gazette's marketing department. She recently got married, and finally gave in to my months of pleadings that she write about the brooch bouquet she made. Isn't it pretty?


Kathy Wallig's tutorial for an adorable, printed throw pillow

Kathy Wallig of Urbana recently sent me a photo of this adorable throw pillow she made as a Christmas gift. She was kind enough to share her photo and instructions for how to make it.

She was inspired by a pillow she saw in Mary Engelbreit's "Home Companion."

Looking for suggestions for the best pizza cutter

My birthday is coming up in about a month, and Rob recently asked me what I wanted.