Meg Makes (February 2012)

Meg Makes (February 2012)

Preparing to help a friend DIY new floors and an updated bathroom

I tend to think of Rob and myself as people who are great at a medium-sized home-improvement project.

Shelf shuffle: reorganizing, redecorating shelves a fun Sunday project

When we decided to put up a barn door in our cramped hallway, we ended up taking down three shelves that formerly occup

A mirror on the front door is a shiny alternative to a wreath

I'm all about wreaths on our front door, but when I took down my festive Valentine's Day wreath, I just couldn't get inspired to make or find another.

How we turned plumbing supplies into galvanized pipe curtain rods

Sometimes I make the mistake of being so budget-minded that I buy items of poor quality and then get frustrated when they don't work well.

Take it from me - buying cheap curtain rods is a waste of your money.

However, the cheapo rods bought me a few years to figure out a better way to hang curtains on a budget - and in a fun way, too.

How I made a funky little mirror for our wall in the hallway

As the owner of a small house, I've always known that mirrors can make things seem bigger.

I bought a small, secondhand mirror while I lived in my last apartment, but it fell apart after I moved to our current house. I got rid of its crappy frame and kept the actual mirror, hoping to be able to reuse it.

A mirrored wall makes our hallway seem even bigger

We are one step closer to having our hallway redecorated. We hung mirrors on the wall opposite our sliding barn door this weekend, and I love how they look.

Installing a recessed chest handle for the inside of our barn door

One of my favorite parts of installing our barn door was exploring the possibilities for hardware (I know, only a freak would be excited about something like door hardware).

A useful product for removing scratches and making wood look great

After a resounding vote on a blog post earlier this week, and considering Rob's strong opinion, I've decided to hold off on painting our barn door.

Instructions for how we hung a sliding interior barn door

OK, I've already told you about how we found pocket door hardware (a track and two hangers on wheels) and a cool old door at PA