Meg Makes (March 2012)

Meg Makes (March 2012)

Broken kitchen tools - should I replace them?

I try really hard not to be materialistic. We don't have the space, and I try to always remember as long as I and my family have our health and our pets, we're fine.

But I tend to forget this when it comes to kitchen implements, which makes it all the more sad when something breaks.

Recipe for crusty, whole-wheat bread

Whenever we have a family gathering and I want to making something to please my totally-health-unconcious husband, dad and brother-in-law, I make this recipe for

Meghan Firchau's garden planters made from repurposed concrete

The other day, Champaign resident Meghan Firchau emailed me with a garden DIY project she did with her husband's help. It's impressive, and looks every bit as good as those blocks you can buy at the home-improvement store.

Seeking readers' DIY garden projects

A reader recently sent me the most amazing DIY project she made for her garden with reused concrete (I'll feature it tomorrow) and it has me wondering what else you smarty-pants readers are up to in your yards, especially because the weather's been so nice.

Recipe for homemade breakfast sausage

In the year since I bought my stand mixer, I've also purchased many of the attachments that go with it including a slider/shredder and a meat grinder.

House people: they can own new homes, too, right?

I was thinking the other day, when I was walking my dog (we go on daily long morning walks, and this is where I do my deep thinking, if I'm awake enough) – there are lots of house people.

Recipe for Beer Braised Pulled Pork Tacos

Pork butt doesn't necessarily sound like a cut of meat that will contribute to delicious dinners, but it's the star of delicious pulled-pork tacos Rob and I made this weekend. If you eat pork and have an afternoon for some pretty easy prep, you might want to try this dish. It's a nice Saturday-night treat.

Digging honeysuckle stumps is a surprisingly effective stress buster

After work the other evening, I went outside, planning to do a little light weeding.

Anita Dukeman's recipe for Greek Salad

This is the second installment of guest blogger Anita Dukeman's Greek recipes - yesterday, I featured her Greek Chicken and Potatoes recipe. - Meg


Anita Dukeman's recipe for Greek Chicken and Potatoes

If you read my blog frequently, you should be well acquainted with guest blogger Anita Dukeman, who lives in Arthur and volunteers with high school students there, teaching them how to cook dishes from around the world. Here's her writeup.