Meg Makes (April 2012)

Meg Makes (April 2012)

Plan for weekend DIY: making hypertufa pots and garden art

As I look for inspiration (and a way to become more interested in my garden), I realized that finding some DIY projects to spruce up my yard might be just the key.

Seeking garden inspiration from Pinterest

Gardening seems to be one of those things that requires a lot of patience - not my strong suit. But this spring is my fourth in our house, which means our plants are finally starting to fill out and even look a little cohesive. The newish white fence helps, too.

Recipe for Banana Split Brownies

Every Friday, the customer care reps at The News-Gazette have a treat day - they make a schedule and take turns bringing in some sort of special, wonderful food.

(If you've ever called about your delivery or come in to place a garage sale classified, you've talked to the customer care reps.)

A roundup of DIY house projects, room by room

Sometimes, I enjoy going through my old blog posts, reading about how our house has changed as we tackle various areas.

Making Hawaiian pizza with fresh pineapple and homemade Canadian bacon

When we made Canadian bacon from scratch last week, we knew we'd have to add it to a Hawaiian pizza this week.

Switching out ceiling fans - a small change, but it makes a big difference

We're getting to the point in the fixing-up-our-house process that we're finally changing the purely cosmetic things.

(We're also volunteering to help friends with their medium-scale DIY projects, but you knew that.)

Recipe for buttery, garlicky Salmon Veggie Pasta

Rob and I planned to have grilled salmon and fresh broccoli for a meal this weekend, but the weather just didn't cooperate.

Using galvanized shelf brackets as curtain tiebacks

Rob and I had a productive weekend, which means I have several fun things to blog about this week.

Daydreaming about white decorating schemes

I like to think I'm the kind of person who loves bold color when it comes to home decorating - after all, we have a red fridge, a red couch and a bright blue door.

Before and after: we're done with fresh paint in Erin's computer room

After trying to coordinate our schedules and painting what seems like every single surface in my coworker Erin's computer room, that particular task is done.