Meg Makes (May 2012)

Meg Makes (May 2012)

Tried and True: Leslie Radice's recipe for Cake Balls

Leslie Radice is a friend, as well as a former boss and co-worker, and I've been bugging her for years to let me share this recipe on my blog.

She finally agreed and emailed it to me this weekend - I'm posting it now, before she changes her mind. She called the recipe extremely easy, but "amazingly delicious."

Filing cabinets: can they be stylish and functional?

I find that one challenge to running a neat (oh, who am I kidding - not totally cluttered) household is the amount of paper we receive in the mail.

Even though Rob and I get paperless statements for everything we can, we still find ourselves on the receiving end of bills, statements and pay stubs.

Looking for garden wisdom: send me superstitions and sayings

After blogging about my own personal Murphy's Law of Gardening (if I buy plants, they tend to die), two friends offered to let me dig up some plants in their yards.

Takes the Cake: Erin makes a Monster's Day cake

My baking friend and coworker, Erin Lippitz, put a fun spin on Mother's Day last weekend when she made this adorable "Monster's Day" cake for her mom and sister.

Erin's sister, Laura, texted her a photo of a similar cake, requesting that Erin try baking it.

Recipe for tangy White Barbecue Sauce

Health nuts, turn away, because the recipe I'm about to share is all kinds of wrong.

Lately, Rob has been poring over "The Big Book of BBQ" and saw a mention, but not a recipe, of White Barbecue Sauce.

Sharing photos of my mom's garden in honor of Mother's Day

After blogging last week about garden art and recently about trying to turn my garden into a bona-fide hobby, I thought I'd blog with photos of some of my mom's garden art. (Sunday is Mother's Day, after all.)